initial evaluation

Dr. Seelman collaborates with individuals to treat mood, anxiety, attentional or other psychiatric issues.  During the initial evaluation, Dr. Seelman conducts a thorough assessment of all biological, psychological and social factors contributing to current symptoms.  This process includes reviewing the intake questionnaire, 60-90 minute discussion with the patient, consultation with therapist and/or other providers if desired, and review of any additional documentation such as psychological evaluations, medical records, and labs.  The initial evaluation can help individuals gain a sense of control and direction for how to approach the healing process. 

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medication management

Medication can play an important role in improving and supporting a person's mood, cognition, and ability to function optimally.  Prior to prescribing any medication, Dr. Seelman works with each individual to identify specific target symptoms that will be tracked in order to monitor improvement. This list of symptoms provides a reference for both patient and physician to determine whether the new medication is actually helping.  Upon written request by the patient, Dr. Seelman will communicate with any current therapist or other providers to discuss treatment.   

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individual therapy

Dr. Seelman has a limited number of openings for adult individual therapy patients.  Her therapeutic approach incorporates a blend of cognitive, psychodynamic and supportive psychotherapies.  The therapeutic approach is individually tailored to meet the needs of each person.

Therapy can be short-term with specified outcome measures identified in collaboration with the individual.  Therapy can also be more long-term depending on the patient's wishes.