Feel free to contact our main office number 301-656-1770 with any questions you may have regarding professional fees and the process of setting up an initial appointment.  Our patient care administrator Pamela is available weekdays 9am-5pm to help guide you through the process.




There are a variety of services available that are charged at specific rates including:

  • Initial consultation. This is the first appointment (or series of appointments for children or adolescents) during which a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is conducted.

  • Medication management. This is a 30-minute in-person or telemedicine follow up appointment for anyone who is prescribed medication.

  • Individual therapy. This is a 50-minute in-appointment that includes both therapy and evaluation of medication if applicable. The fee is the same for in person or telemedicine.

  • Documentation review. This includes time spent reviewing different types of documentation including neuropsychological testing, individual education plans, psycho-educational testing, records of prior hospitalizations, other medical records, report cards, labs, etc.

  • Medical letters and forms. This includes writing letters, completing forms, or writing other documents as requested by the patient or family.


Dr. Seelman provides an extraordinarily high level of service.  In order to provide such a high degree of professional service, she has chosen to opt out of participation in health insurance plans.  Therefore, she is an out-of-network provider and does not take payment directly from any insurance company.  Patients (or the parent/guardian) are responsible for all fees associated with treatment and may elect to seek reimbursement from their insurance provider.  Dr. Seelman provides a receipt with appropriate codes that can be submitted to insurance.




Check, cash and all major credit cards are accepted.  Patients must have a valid credit or debit card on file.  Payments are made by check, cash, or through an automatic charge to the card on file on the day of the appointment.