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On the first appointment after an adolescent patient's 18th birthday, the patient will be asked to sign all documentation that was previously signed by the parent or guardian.  This includes any releases of information, medication consents, and the privacy policy.  Once the patient turns 18-years-old, Dr. Seelman cannot disclose details of treatment with the parents or guardian without a signed consent form in accordance with HIPPA (Health Insurance Privacy and Portability) law.

Privacy Policies & Practices


All communication between Dr. Seelman and the patient is held in the strictest confidence unless the patient (or parent/guardian) authorizes release of information with a signature, the physician is ordered by a court to release information, child or elder abuse/neglect is suspected, and/or the physician becomes concerned for the patient's safety or the safety of others

If abuse is suspected or the physician is concerned for the patient's safety or the safety of others, the physician is required by law to inform authorities and/or potential victims.


There is no charge for appointments that are cancelled with at least 24 hours notice. Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will be billed a $75 cancellation fee.  If an appointment is missed without any notice, the session will be billed in its entirety. 

To cancel an appointment or if you are late for an appointment, please call 301-656-1770.

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During severe weather incidents, a notice will be posted on the website regarding office closings.  Current patients may request a telemedicine appointment in lieu of their previously scheduled in-person appointment. 

New patients will be called to reschedule their initial appointments in the event of office closing due to weather.